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Anal dwelling butt monkey. Poor Brickman having to get himself locked between two hotel doors connecting both rooms and inside a storage cage locker during the final game.

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Also, his alexis texas belladona blowjob divorced him and his son Ben is hardened and mean from said split, which makes him resent David and become a bully to a nerdy child named Kirby, who turns out to be Fang's son.

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Poor Arthur.

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Gigan, especially in Final Wars; he's built up as Mothra's mortal enemy and a very serious threat

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The diction coach serves no other function other than being the victim of Don and Cosmo's tap-dancing stunts in the number "Moses Supposes".

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Such behavior of monkies can be found on the film Bruce Almighty.

Jan is treated like crap and overlooked to the point where she's hearing psychotic voices in her head.

A great deal of the humor adult baby nannies the various action sequences involve him first being genuinely badass, but then casually getting the shit kicked out of him once by an inanimate propeller because he a is incredibly smart-alecky and boastful, and getting smacked around stops him from coming off as annoying, and b wears a suit of Powered Armorso getting the shit kicked out of him doesn't actually hurt anything but his pride all that much.

The Lone Ranger:

Pine actually mentioned in an interview that he admires Harrison Ford for his ability to take a beating like it really mature black cock loversand that he considered that an underrated skill.

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Vuk is Milo's " Yugoslavian " cousin who is dumped by Milo at Bennie's.