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If you enter a number, only numeric fields will be searched unless you enclose it in double quotes.

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A new type of field, "Tags", is available for searches, editing, adding new records and bulk updates Global variables for faster access for data, pulldowns and tag lists Improved portal table formatting Search fields with data in them are highlighted Search field hint text is colored to be more visible It is possible to really delete a record, rather than just marking for deletion depending on the configuration When multiple records are returned as a search result beautiful nude men pics than onebulk updates are possible.

B finds all fields containing words starting with A as well as the letter B, but not words starting with B.

Version 13 features and bug fixes New features in this version include:

Button flashes when a portal is open, and only one portal can be open at a time.

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A weighted multivariate logistic regression and a separate gender analysis were performed.