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Fonzie fucked joanie s vagina. Marion was now frantic, reality setting in after the taunting comments.

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The guys start ribbing Ritch who is nervous.

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Once Fonzie met Richie Cunningham a strange bond was formed.

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Fonzie had to hide his smile and hold back his laughter, this was really 'good' news to him.

Fonzie laughed to himself, hoping there'd be a time out in the game, that Richie's dad would gaze out into the backyard to see his wife getting the shagging of her life.

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Going inside we catch up with Ritchie and his parents.

The crotch of her panties was sopping wet, never had Howard filled her with so much spunk as compared to what Fonzie had dumped into her.

Marion ate her daughter with the same intensity that Joanie had.

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