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I piss my pants on purpose.

I piss my pants on purpose. Everything must fit SNUGLY, or again, more of the pee will probably end up in my socks and on the floor than in my pants.

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So I could only envy the tiny number of pantswetting boys of my age I knew of, and fantacise about what they did as an ultimate erotic joy, something I would be able to do myself one day when Spanked with a cane moved off and became free.

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Sometimes I even mess my pants but I do that rarely.

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I wonder what percentage of house fires are started by people who just peed their pants and are trying to cover it up.

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I do like to, but just sweat pants or something like that, jeans ain't my thing.

I proceeded to inhale a relatively large chunk of carrot, which caused me to start coughing.

The only way I can explain it is that I was dating someone who liked humans.

Those memorable thresholds we cross, like the first kiss, the first time you cry in front of your partner, and the first root-vegetable- induced bladder explosion.

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Every so often at my house when I'm about to do the laundry and am home alone, I will wet my pants-- why not?

I, too, let it out in spurts, enjoying the appearing of a small spot which becomes a big spot until I'm quite wet.

According to the Relationship Masters, there were seven levels of intimacy in a relationship:.