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My cruel stepsister female dominant. She squeezes them tight and then begins to slap my balls with her hands causing me to scream in pain.

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While i stroke and sniff, I am wishing in my head that she will let me tongue bathe these sweaty ripe soles and toes while I stroke.

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These are not in my opinion summer type shoes, unless she planned to work up a ripe pair of nylons.

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She sort of ignores me while she goes through her phone, but definitely reinforces that I keep sniffing deeply.

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I think it is time to show you how this device works.

I stand and stroke furiously while Kendras toes tease and tickle my swollen balls until I explode so hard most of it misses her feet.

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She tells him not to go anywhere, and slaps a piece of duct tape on his mouth so he can't complain anymore.

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She starts beating my ass full force with the leather strap.