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New albuterol propellent sucks. Still, the Food and Drug Latex desktop wallpaper announced in the late s that it was considering banning CFC inhalers once the pharmaceutical industry came up with alternatives.

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Although ultrasonic nebulisers can nebulise solutions more quickly than jet nebulisers, they are not suitable for suspensions and the piezoelectric crystal can heat the drug to be aerosolised.

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From [ 81 ].

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Figure 1:

Corrigan, P.

Soriano, and W.

There seems little point in prescribing an effective medication in an inhaler device which patients cannot use correctly.

In addition, previous inhalation instruction may be forgotten and, therefore, training should be repeated regularly to maintain correct inhalation technique in children with asthma [ 91 ].

However, when physicians prescribe HFA formulations in place of CFC versions for the first time, they should inform their patients about differences between these products.