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Nude image host. Then once they post it on my webspace, it's somehow my fault Also I've been doing quite a fair bit of reading but from what I have read its only illegal if they're in a sexual way?

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Just don't want to get in trouble with any authorities forfor something I cannot control.

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I don't know the laws in the UK, but in the US, if you are providing a service and take immediate action when someone else moms hairy pussy galleries your policy and illegally uses your service, then you are not held liable.

Spamicles writes "The guys over at the Pirate Bay have launched a new, censorship-free image hosting website called BayImg.

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You'll want the "Random" board.

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So I will remove the pics as soon as people report them to me.

Thanks for it, now updated.

Any users with dishonorable intentions will be immediately discouraged by this change.

Most of these have unlimited storage space, with unlimited storage time.