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Nude turkish baths. At the hammam I visited in Istanbul, all of the women were given a free pair of black panties.

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All the major baths in Budapest have open air pools fully in the sun, without any shades.

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Minimum a speedo style swim wear, or a sporty pair of swim trunks, or shorts with a top.

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I was also wasn't sure what to do but just did what everyone else did.

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I learned later that the spa was built on the site where the Temple of Zeus once stood.

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I think Zeus would approve.

In general, girls wear the same as women the dress code is the same for bothwhile boys wear the same as men again, the dress code is identical.

Melitza explained to me that wearing underwear would be perfectly acceptable as many women do this, however, traditionally women would be completely naked, not just topless.

By the time she finished, I looked down and I was covered with a layer of gray dead skin.