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Oblivion sexy female armor.

Oblivion sexy female armor. Welcome people.

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But that hasn't stopped games from erring on the side of form, instead of function.

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As a side note, most of the overhauls that add custom equipment come with custom armor with a female body option.

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Any wearable monster anatomy is emily's favorite.

Requiem Requiem 9 years ago 4 [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster].

What was your experience with mod making, prior to working on this?

Though if you're looking for something early game, check the Fur armor from all the bandits you get sent around to kill for bounties and such.

One of BlackBaron2's other mods is, well, a sexy male wizard.

Oh, I got a few silly comments from people calling it "unfeminine" and being a bit funny because they can't see boobs.

I really, really got irritated with those things.